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I had the great pleasure and privilege of spending nearly three weeks in the wonderful nation of Armenia (with a brief but notable side trip to Georgia) in the new year – meeting amazing people, seeing amazing sights and of course devouring vast quantities of amazing food, sometimes to the point of physical pain and possible regurgitation. The culinary highlights for me were the tasty discovery of four dishes I had heard about but not previously eaten: khorovatz (Armenian bbq), lahmajo (Armenian pizza), khinkali (Georgian dumplings) and khatchapuri (Georgian cheese pie). Since returning to Melbourne and the tragic news that the only Armenian restaurant in my state has now closed – shame, Cafe Armenia! Shame! – I have no choice but to try to figure out how to reproduce all this wondrous deliciousness at home. Luckily I met some foodie friends to help me out, and today’s recipe is courtesy of the lovely Tamara from Georgia who has been generous enough to share her khatchapuri secrets with me. And I can tell you (because I’ve looked!) that there is no recipe like this out there on the net in English at least. It’s extremely easy to make, can have a variety of fillings and tastes sensational; I’ve made this several times since returning and it’s been a hit on every occasion.

One of my favourite memories from our travels would have to be Tamara demonstrating in a restaurant in Tbilisi just how to fold khatchapuri, using a napkin to illustrate the dough and a mobile phone for the filling. While her way was certainly effective, I think I prefer a filling of mashed potatoes, cheese, parsley and spices to a Nokia…



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Beck is currently experiencing the culinary delights of the Caucasus (primarily Armenia and Georgia) and of Hong Kong – she’ll be back in late January with more food adventures!

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