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There is a phrase used in our home when a dish truly kicks the posterior of our tastebuds: “I would pay good money for this!” And this dish, from a cookbook which is somewhat generic in appearance but which had enough interesting recipes for me to buy on the weekend, truly fits this criteria. The book this recipe is from was a cheapy, picked up at an A&R discount store, called The Wok Bible, and I’m looking forward to exploring other meals like this one from it. In this dish you have just-cooked pumpkin and onion, the perfection of thinly sliced eye fillet steak and a sauce whose inherent sweetness is cut through by the subtle bite of the chilli and ginger, the tantalizing warmth of the spices and the fresh zing of herbs only tossed through for a moment. It’s seriously filling – the only function of the rice or noodles you may choose to cook with it is to soak up that addictive sauce and you don’t need much. Remember that you’re using eye fillet here, so don’t overcook your meat – this is seriously good stuff and doesn’t need a lot of work in the wok for it to be fantastic! (more…)


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Grilled Piadina Recipe

This unleavened Italian flatbread is speedy and fun to make and can be filled with whatever ingredients you have on hand. The dough can be made quickly in the food processor and rests while you prepare your filling ingredients. I can highly recommend a filling of grilled chicken breast, basil pesto, semi sundried tomatoes and cheese, or a neapolitan-style filling of fresh mozzarella, slices of tomatoes and basil leaves. These are surprisingly filling; the dough recipe makes four piadinas which will feed 3 people comfortably. The recipe is from a book which has transformed my pizza-making life, Grilled Pizzas and Piadinas. (more…)

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