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Flaking in the heat - a sensible option

It was a hot and airless day in Melbourne on Saturday; and in a home armed with floor to ceiling windows, no curtains and an air conditioner which had died in the arse (that’s the technical expression for it) we were all feeling tired and floppy. What better day to make copious amounts of dumplings! As my previous dish from Andrea Nguyen’s Asian Dumplings¬†was so enjoyable (Pork & Napa Cabbage Water Dumplings) I had decided to make this again along with two others from the same book. It seemed sensible to choose dumplings which all required the same basic wrapper recipe, so I chose Korean Meat & Vegetable Dumplings along with Nepalese Cheese & Vegetable Dumplings. This meant that I had some nice contrasts in texture to offer my guests as one dumpling was boiled, one steamed, and this one pan-fried.

Crispy chewy goodness: Korean pan fried dumplings

This dumpling’s wrapper had glutenous rice flour in it along with plain unbleached flour – this led to that amazing texture you often find in dumpling houses, when pan fried dumplings have a chewy texture to their skins which sits perfectly alongside the crispiness from the frying. These were also fried on two sides rather than the one usually seen with Chinese potstickers and were, if I may say so, rather freaking delicious. Going back to store bought wrappers after this is going to be tough… (more…)


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