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Oh yeah baby - check out the perfect poached egg!

This is a brilliantly simple and oh so delicious dish from Matt over at Abstract Gourmet. He’s an ex-Kiwi Perthite with a passion for food, both the stuff he makes and the stuff he eats out… and I’ve never seen people get so uppity about a bad restaurant review which I didn’t even think was that bad anyway! Dudes, it’s just one opinion, not everyone has to agree with it. Seriously, check out the comments following Matt’s review of a Perth Middle Eastern restaurant called Meeka. Let’s hope no fans of the coffee table cookbook ever visit this blog…

We had a small but ravening hoard of crazy friends eating with us on Friday night, so I doubled the recipe – I figured the worst case scenario of having leftovers wasn’t that bad as it just means I’d get to eat this again! This is a smashingly easy weeknight dinner. I’ve tweaked the spices slightly from Matt’s version just because I really like my ras el hanout spice blend in this dish; you can of course buy ras el hanout from good delis, but as I always have these spices on hand it’s cheaper and easier to just mix it up. Sitting down to a bowl of this with a crusty sourdough roll from Baker’s Delight is just bloody fantastic – it’s hearty and warming without being heavy (just what you need as we head into Melbourne’s summer!) and the eggs are amazing. It reheats beautifully as well – just put in the amount of eggs you want once it’s bubbling happily away. Actually, I reckon the sauce on it’s own in a smaller quantity with the eggs poached in it would make a killer vegetarian breakfast/light dinner with sourdough toast. Our crazy friend Rog (who is our resident tagine master and makes a killer lamb dish) said that the sauce was delicate and excellent, and that’s pretty high praise.

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